Downtown Coordinating Council (DCC)

The Downtown Coordinating Council is an advisory board comprised of downtown property owners, government officials, and business owners that provide support and advice for planning and management of improvement, maintenance, and marketing of downtown Tulsa. The DCC works to actively develop Downtown Tulsa as a vibrant center of commerce, arts, entertainment, and education.

How is the DCC funded?

The Tulsa Stadium Improvement District is comprised of properties located within the Inner Dispersal Loop and expires in 2039. Owners of these particular properties pay a fee as part of the TSID. Certain organizations such as religious organizations, government agencies, and homeowners are exempt. A portion of the TSID fee goes to pay bonds on ONEOK Field. The other portion goes to pay for services such as maintenance, marketing, and management of improvement for Downtown Tulsa, which is overseen by the Downtown Coordinating Council. Approximately $1.2 million goes toward downtown services annually.

Downtown Coordinating Council Members

Tulsa Mayor (or designee) Kian Kamas
Tulsa City Councilor Kara Joy McKee
Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith (Chair)
Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Brandon Jackson
Tulsa Regional Chamber Gordy Guest
Tulsa Community Foundation Phil Lakin
Tulsa Arts District Tom Wallace
TYPros Ben Stephens
Tulsa Parking Authority Joel Kantor
Tulsa Stadium Trust Jeff Scott
Economic Development Commission Elliot Nelson
BOK and Convention Center Casey Sparks
Hotels Pete Patel
Restaurants Libby Billings
Merchants William Franklin
Property < 500,000 sf Chris Armstrong
Property > 500,000 sf Angela Sivadon
Property > 500,000 sf Chris Bumgarner (Vice-Chair)
At-Large George Shahadi
Updated: December 2018

For agendas or agenda items, contact kjohnston@cityoftulsa.org.

The DCC  typically meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm, City Hall, 15th Floor Board Room. For holidays or conflicts that may arise, the DCC will meet on the 2nd Tuesday or a newly scheduled date. A list of scheduled meetings can be found on the City of Tulsa’s Agenda page here.