Parking Meters

Most of downtown on-street parking has timed meters to prevent visitors from utilizing a space all day. Meters are not enforced after 5:00pm, on weekends, or during some major holidays. Keeping in mind that other parking restrictions (loading zone, handicapped parking, no parking from corner, delivery parking only, etc.) are still enforced.

To learn more about downtown parking, parking meters, and enforcement, you can visit the City of Tulsa website.


There are numerous lots available to park. You can find parking close to you here. There are many options for your downtown experience, and finding ways to park is another choice to look into. In addition to the parking lots, Downtown Tulsa has numerous garages available for short-term and long-term use.

Parking Garages/Lots


The Tulsa Parking Authority has several public garages that are available for visitors to downtown Tulsa. Listed with each public garage are the closest venues to the garage.

Civic Center Parkade  |  520 E. 3rd St.  |  Cox Business Center  |  Civic Center  |  BOK Arena
100 West Garage  |  100 West First St.  |  BOK Arena  |  Federal Building  |  Williams Towers
Main Park Plaza Garage  |  410 S. Main St. |  Deco District  |  Mayo 420 Apts.  |  One Place Tower
Williams North Garage  |  11 E 1st Street  |  BOK Tower  |  Jazz Hall of Fame  |  Brady District
Williams South Garage  |  20 E. 2nd Street  |  Hyatt Regency  |  BOK Tower  |  Performing Arts Center
Performing Arts Center  |  110 E. 2nd Street | Performing Arts Center  |  City Hall  |  Blue Dome