Parking Meters

Tulsa on-street metered parking is enforced Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Parking is limited to two hours at $1 per hour. This is to prevent parkers from utilizing a space all day, instead ensuring space available for visitors, guests and clients to Downtown Tulsa. Meters are not enforced after 5:00pm, on weekends, or during some Federal holidays. Keep in mind other parking restrictions (loading zone, handicapped parking, no parking from corner, delivery parking only, etc.) are still enforced. Users can pay for parking by coin, card or by calling 1 (877) 727-5715.

You can view the video below on a quick guide to using the new Parking Meters in all of Downtown.

Have a temporary tag or recently purchased a new car? This sample tag shows the sample parking tag that you can utilize until you get your tag installed (utilize the 3-6 digits right of the D/UD number).
To learn more about downtown parking, parking meters, and enforcement, you can visit the City of Tulsa parking website.

Parking App

The City of Tulsa has officially launched a mobile parking app to create a more convenient, effective on-street parking system downtown. For the first time in Tulsa’s history, users can now use their smartphone to pay for on-street parking with the ParkMobile app. Download the app by visiting, or through the App Store or Google Play.

A guide to the ParkMobile App is in the video below:

Residential Parking

Residents living downtown can find multiple ways to easily park Downtown by using the following options:

  • Metered street parking (subject to two-hour limit) utilizing the methods described above
  • Non-metered street parking (in gray on the map)
  • Contacting parking management companies for residential rates:

Parking Garages/Lots

There are numerous lots available for parking. Click here or the map to find a lot close to you. In addition to the parking lots, Downtown Tulsa has numerous garages available for short-term and long-term use.

The Tulsa Parking Authority has several public garages that are available for visitors to downtown Tulsa. Below includes a list of public garages and the closest venue.

Civic Center Parkade  |  520 E. 3rd St.  |  Cox Business Center  |  Civic Center  |  BOK Arena
100 West Garage  |  100 West First St.  |  BOK Arena  |  Federal Building  |  Williams Towers
Main Park Plaza Garage  |  410 S. Main St. |  Deco District  |  Mayo 420 Apts.  |  One Place Tower
Williams North Garage  |  11 E 1st Street  |  BOK Tower  |  Jazz Hall of Fame  |  Brady District
Williams South Garage  |  20 E. 2nd Street  |  Hyatt Regency  |  BOK Tower  |  Performing Arts Center
Performing Arts Center  |  110 E. 2nd Street | Performing Arts Center  |  City Hall  |  Blue Dome