With only 1.4 square miles in the IDL, our walkability is ideal … but, here are other ways to get around!

  • Tulsa Transit

    Tulsa Transit operates regular fixed service Monday through Saturday from early mornings to early evenings. After daytime service ceases at about 6:30pm, the service operates nighttime service on its “Nightlines” until midnight. Sunday service also is available. Find information on schedules and routes at Tulsa Transit, or call (918) 582-2100.

  • Tulsa Taxicab Dispatch

    Fast and reliable taxi service in Tulsa, OK, and surrounding communities. Contact Tulsa Taxicab to book your next fare, or call (918) 743-5555.

  • Pedicabs

    A romantic night out or just wanting to take in the sights, a pedicab (bicycle taxi) is a popular choice to navigate the loop. Try RAD Cab, or (918) 381-0255.

  • Bike Bar

    Feeling adventurous? A tour on the Tulsa Bike Bar can be customized (for up to a 16 guests) to pedal anywhere around the Brady Arts and Blue Dome Districts. Your “party facilitator” will steer your group around town, food and beverages allowed! Find out more at Tulsa Bike Bar, (918) 323-4502.

  • Downtown Trolley!

    The Downtown Trolley is a FREE downtown circulator service that runs on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00pm to Midnight. It connects many of downtown’s important points of interest – there’s even a GPS to track it! More information on trolley (and handy map) here.