Public Safety Ambassadors

The concept of Downtown Ambassadors is not new and their duties vary from city-to-city. After studying communities similar to Tulsa, the Downtown Coordinating Council and City of Tulsa Security developed strategies and goals for a four-member team dedicated to Downtown Tulsa.

Established in 2011, the Downtown Tulsa Public Safety Ambassador (PSA) role exists to address three main points:

  1. Communicating/Educating owners and merchants about good safety practices
  2. Reduce or eliminate sites that individuals use to house inappropriate activities
  3. Discourage loitering through PSA presence

What our PSA’s can do for you:

  • Patrol the districts to deter criminal activity
  • Assist visitors walking or driving through the area with any issues
  • Meet with business owners during routine patrols and discuss any issues
  • Meet with business owners during district meetings to discuss upcoming events, as well as answer questions and concerns
  • Assist with courtesy escorts of local business owners
  • Assist mental health organizations in making contact with vagrants who may require assistance
  • Respond to calls for service
  • Provide public relations and tourism materials

Call: (918) 596-9100 or email (for reporting non-time-sensitive reports)


Homeless Resources

Helping individuals experiencing homelessness in Tulsa is not just about the costs to our community or how Tulsa looks to visitors and prospective businesses…it is the right thing to do. And it is something we can accomplish together.

For more information on this initiative, and for business resources that you and your organization can utilize to help end homeless, visit this website here.

When to call 911 (TPD Downtown impact Team)
~Any emergency situation
~Criminal activity or behavior
~Abusive and Violent Language
~Intimidating or Combative Conduct
~Aggressive Begging

Important numbers:

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency Police Related: (918) 596-9222
Public Safety Ambassador: (918) 596-9100
Always file a report for any vandalism or criminal activity