Important numbers:

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency Police Related: 918.596.9222
Public Safety Ambassador: 918.596.9100
Always file a report for any vandalism or criminal activity


Public Safety Ambassadors

The concept of Downtown Ambassadors is not new and their duties vary from city-to-city. After studying communities that are similar to ours, the Downtown Coordinating Council developed a strategy and goals for a four-member team, established in 2011, dedicated to Downtown Tulsa.

Their mission focus on three main points:

  • Communicating/Educating owners and merchants about smart safety practices.
  • Reduce (or eliminate) sites that individuals use to house inappropriate activities.
  • Enforce loitering ordinances.

What our PSA’s can do for you:

  • Patrol through the districts to deter criminal activity and assist pedestrians walking or driving through the area with any issues
  • Meet with business owners in the Districts routinely during daily patrols to discuss any issues that PSA’s can assist with
  • Meet with business owners during District meetings to discuss upcoming events in the district and answer questions and concerns from the participants
  • Assist with courtesy escorts of local business owners
  • Respond to calls for service to assist in a number of issues ranging from medical issues to a number of criminal disturbances
  • Assist mental health organizations in making contact with individuals who need assistance
  • Respond to service calls
  • Provide public relations and tourism materials

Call: 918.596.9100 or email (for reporting non-time-sensitive reports)


When to call 911 (TPD Downtown impact Team)
~Any emergency situation
~Criminal activity or behavior
~Abusive and Violent Language
~Intimidating or Combative Conduct
~Aggressive Begging