Who do I contact for non-emergency police related calls?
For non-emergency police matters, call 918-596-9222.

Who do I talk to if I want to host special events/festivals?
All you need to know about road closures and necessary permits is available here: www.cityoftulsa.org/specialevents

How do I report broken/burned street lights?
Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) is responsible for replacing residential street lights. To report a burned out or defective City street light, call AEP/PSO at 1-888-216-3523 or 1-888-218-3919. The City of Tulsa is responsible for replacing street lights and poles on Tulsa highways and expressways. Reports of expressway lighting outages go to the Customer Care Center at (918) 596-2100. Traffic crews need an exact location in order to fulfill the request.

Who do I call to repair a pothole on my street?
Report the location of potholes to the Customer Care Center at (918) 596-2100 or online via Tulsa311.

When is my street cleaned?
Curbed residential streets are swept on a rotational basis four times a year. Arterial streets and expressways are swept eight times a year (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm). For information on the scheduled cleaning day for your neighborhood, call the Customer Care Center at (918) 596-2100.

Where can I find a map of Downtown Tulsa?
Visit Tulsa has an excellent series of maps of Downtown Tulsa and the greater Tulsa area. Visit their page to find them, or you can download a version of Downtown Map here.

This map only focuses on downtown.

If you have any additional questions, please email kjohnston@cityoftulsa.org.